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English grammar—5 ways you can improve your grammar

If anything works the best when it comes to language, it’s a good accent and impeccable grammar. Quite often we end up making some petty mistakes with our grammar even though our fluency in the language maybe excellent.

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Here are five quick tips on how you can improve your grammar and make your grip on English language more strong—

1.      Agree with the subject-verb agreement

The most common mistake one makes when it comes to grammar is not following the subject-verb agreement. It is crucial for making a meaningful sentence. If your subject is in singular form, ensure that your verb is in singular form as well. If subject is plural, then so will be the verb.

For example,

The girl sings well.

The girls sing well.

2.      Be aware of how to use homophones

There are many words in English that sound the same, and often, in hurry we end up using the wrong word in place of the right one. We must pay close attention to the meaning the word is making in a sentence, rather than jotting it down in a flow of hurry.

Examples of the common mistakes we make when it comes to homophones are with the use of “there” and “their” and also “its” and “it’s”

Some other examples include misuse of “weather” and “whether,” “then” and “than,” “you’re” and “your,” etc.

3.      Know the difference between adverbs and adjectives

For attaining the right grammar, one needs to understand the difference between an adjective and adverb. While an adjective defines a noun or a pronoun, adverbs are used to define a verb.
For example:

4.      Read as much as possible

The benefits of reading are multidimensional. You get to learn a list of new words and increase your vocabulary, improve your writing skills and also your grammar as regular reading lets you understand about proper sentence structures more and more and helps you polish your grammar.

5.       Try making proper use of technology

There is a list of mobile phone apps that help you correct your grammar and also learn new words. Additionally, you should always take help of MS word grammar checker to ensure whatever you write is grammatically correct.

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