Thursday, 4 June 2015

Seven must do creative things this summe

Kids might not spend much time at home but creativity does exist everywhere. Let your kids try these innovative #DIY room décor ideas this summer and have fun doing it. And meanwhile you can prepare some delicious food for them.

These ideas will surely bring your kids rooms to life and add character. Let your children explore their creativity by using these simple tips and tricks.

String lights decoration

Giving an extra glow to your room with some unused bottles and string lights will add to the charm of your room giving it a shimmering appearance.

Bed Canopy

Via DIY Ready

Using some hooks and lacy fabrics, make a beautiful shell around your bed to feel cozy and sleep deep with sweet dreams.

Bubbly Lava Lamps

Create a colorful bubbly lava lamp and place it on the most visible place to let it show off your style.

Fabric Quote Banner

Let your favorite quote talk for you. Customize it on a fabric and hang it on your wall.

Tape Picture Frame

Get some colorful tape and start sticking your awesome pictures, making collages near your study table.

Decorate Pillows

Comfort plus style both combined in a pillow. Make it stylish with beautiful, fluffy velvet covers.

Glitter jar & flower

Via The Knotty Bride

Deck those simple jars with some glitter, giving it a shimmering look that dazzles your sight.

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