Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Importance of Sports Day

The craziness of sports day
Sports Day is something that the students and teachers alike look forward to and an annual event all schools conduct. Athletics and games are very important for the all round development of a child. On the field they learn discipline and focus, to work hard something that keeps children fit and healthy. Sports Day brings out healthy competition between students and they learn how to win and lose with dignity. The atmosphere is electric with fun, excitement, cheer and different aromas from the various food stalls, all beckoning you to come and savour the delicious sweet and spicy food dotted all around the place.

Sports can change you
Michael and Tina noticed that their child wasn’t interacting much with the other kids her age. She would rather sit in a corner playing by herself. Whenever any other kid would approach her, she’d get up and move to another corner. This behaviour was disturbing to the parents and they took to scouring the internet for possible reasons and how best to help their child.
They came across an article that said getting your child involved in sports and games was a good way to get him/her out of their shell. In a few short weeks after enrolling their kid in the various sports that her school offered, she started to open up and became more enthusiastic. She learnt to work as a team and to interact with others of her age group and older.
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Lawrence School

We know that sports and games are very important for the healthy development of children. That is precisely why we hold an annual sports day for all our staff and students to enjoy alike. To know more about us, click here http://bit.ly/1tEBfuJ

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