Friday, 27 June 2014

Enjoying the rains without worries

The beginning of monsoon brings back the beautiful weather Bangalore is famous for but it also sets off the cycle of cold, cough and flu amongst school-going children.

Here are a few tips to through the rainy days:

Drink safe water: As far as possible, drink only boiled or purified water; always carry a water bottle for yourself and kids when going outdoors. Avoid drinking regular water at restaurants you are not sure of with regards to hygiene.

Avoid eating at road-side stalls: Chaats and fried stuff seem most yummy when it is pouring outside, but the road-side stalls that serve these delicacies are the breeding house for many infection-spreading flies and mosquitoes. While, it is Ok to indulge once a while, it is wise to use discretion. At best, the snacks can be savoured at home or ordered from reputed joints.

Avoid collection of water near home: Stagnated water leads to breeding of flies and mosquitoes, so there should not be any logging of water near the home. Water-bodies that function as beauty elements must be cleaned regularly, so that the water does not turn murky or collects moss. A practice of washing the feet and hands after coming from the outdoors must be inculcated in children and followed by adults too.

Exercise regularly and eat healthy: Viruses are kept at bay when one has a regular regime of exercising. Children need to play outdoors. Young children need supervision to see that they play safely and within the boundaries of clean and hygienic activities. One must also ensure that the family eats healthy-soups, greens and fruits should form a part of daily diet.

Prevention is better than cure: however, if you or the child falls sick, take plenty of care and rest to ensure that the body is able to fight the viruses. Salt-water gargling helps in clearing the throat, steam-inhalation does wonders for blocked nose. A concoction of honey, pepper and ginger juice is a great remedy for sore throat and cold.
Hope these tips are useful and this monsoon brings more cheer than worry.

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