Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Coping with exams-Lawrence School

It’s exam time and as usual the stress levels are on an increase. Parents and students leave no stone unturned to ensure a high success rate. However, sometimes in an effort to focus on the marks the larger picture of acquiring knowledge is left behind.
Scoring marks might be necessary to get into the desired faculty or college but it is not a guarantee to success in the real world. Bookish knowledge cannot be applied in the real life scenarios. Hence the focus should largely remain at gaining fruitful knowledge.

Having realistic expectations is one of the best methods of approaching any exam. Parents and children need to bring down the expectation levels to match the capacity of the student. An overall 60% achiever cannot top up his scores to 85% just by cramming in the last few days. 

Mobiles, internet, Facebook, chatting (even if it means discussing studies) should be kept at the lowest minimum. Too much of discussing about how much each one has studied and how much one needs to catch up only raises the anxiety levels.

Allowing time for recreational hobby is not a sacrilegious thing to do. In fact all study will bring down the absorption levels after a point. The mind needs to recharge with something creative or stimulating. It could be anything- a favourite sport, painting, music, dancing or even cooking.

Finally, parents need to befriend their children and win their confidence. They need to demonstrate that exams and their results is not the end of the world-even if they are board exams.  

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