Friday, 25 October 2013

A different Diwali

Diwali is round the corner and the surroundings are abuzz with all the preparations, shopping and cleaning that is customary before this festival of light, colour and joy. All of us look forward to buying new clothes, crackers, and sweets and have well-laid out plans for the holidays and such-like. 

However, can we as responsible and sensitive citizens keep a check on our indulgence and bring in a little change that will make living worthwhile for our fellow beings too?

We do not have to do anything on a large scale. It can be as small a thing as distributing old clothes that are still in good conditions to our helpers around the house or buying some crackers for their children or giving a little bonus to them during the festive season.

It could be a small gesture of volunteering for unprivileged children like having a reading session, to bring a smile to the innocent faces.

It could be a decision to not burst crackers that pollute the environment. The trees, little children and the old will thank you for the decision.

It could be a decision to reduce, recycle or re-use everything possible to help save resources and lessen the burden on the planet.

It could be a decision to raise your voice-in whatever way possible-against injustice, corruption and dishonesty.

Diwali is essentially a celebration of ‘good over evil’. At a time when there is so much of despair, helplessness and chaos in the country, let us all take a vow to do as much as possible in every single way to make sure that finally the good triumphs and righteousness emerges as the winner.

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