Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Fun-activities to do with your child during school holidays - Lawrence High School

Come holidays and you can hear many parents groan at the thought of having the kids all day at home, having to deal with increased squabbles between siblings, unending hours spent in front of the idiot-box or games on the electronic gadgets and being at sea to keep the kids fruitfully occupied.

Holidays give the children the much needed respite from their crazy schedule of school work, after-school work and the very much in-vogue other activity classes. Unstructured time-out is actually beneficial and promotes the child’s growth in many ways.

Holidays need not be burdensome for the child with all the assorted holiday-homework and activity class-hopping. And, to help parents keep up their sanity levels and to ensure that the kids do not fall into the trap of indiscipline and over-indulgence, here are some fun activities to keep boredom away:

Vegetable stamp and colouring: Cut the favourite vegetable into a fun-shape, dip it into a bowl of coloured liquid and stamp your way to making creative designs on paper or even cloth. Learn more about it here.

Board games: The old monopoly or trade games are long forgotten in this age of technology and virtual games. Board games are a good way to teach the child a thing or two in patience and even learning to be a good loser at times.
Chores at home: Children can be involved in household chores as appropriate for their age. Children get a sense of achievement in doing things that adults do. This way they can also be taught an important lesson of being a self-reliant and responsible member in the household.

Taking out an impromptu picnic to the near-by park: Mall outings are a common but the old charm of carrying a picnic basket to the near-by park is a different and enriching experience in its own way. Children are capable of finding happiness in small pleasures of life and being amidst nature is one of them. It would burn a lot more of their energy and far less holes in the wallet!

So, go ahead and enjoy the holidays with your child.

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